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Have you bought a house you cannot live in? Are you selling a home that has an allergen or odor problem? Are your allergies or asthma bothering you at home or work? We have the solution. Since 1974, Gerrus Maintenance Inc. and its trained staff, managed by a professional chemical engineer, has been the premier provider of allergen removal, mold remediation, odor neutralization, and microbial decontamination services to residences and commercial buildings in New Jersey, Staten Island, NY and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are certified microbial remediators who can treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate mold and other biological pollutants, and can eliminate bad smell at the source. These odor problems may make you sick or ruin your “new-owner” experience. Gerrus employs modern bio and physical remediation technologies, such as HEPA air scrubbing, allergen neutralization, contact and fog disinfecting, enzymatic digestion, and decontamination washing. We don’t employ ozone or bleach, both of which can be ineffective and dangerous to your health.

Some typical common allergies that are caused by indoor biological pollutants, are bodily reactions to: mold cells and parts, mold spores, mold released volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and mold-produced mycotoxins; dust mite feces, body parts and dander; cockroach feces, dander and body parts; other insect droppings and dander; rodent dander; rodent and other pest feces and urine (which can become airborne when dried); bird droppings; strong irritating odors; and chemical pollutants. The irritants may be microscopic, but they can cause much discomfort, and they will not vanish without intervention. Speak to your doctor and then call the professionals at Gerrus at 732-225-0662.

  • Home buyers – pre-inspection, post-sale, pre occupancy
  • House sellers with a problem presenting their property
  • Real estate agents with a difficult property
  • Anyone allergic to a residence or workplace
  • Geriatric and newborn patient needs – cleaning, deodorizing or sanitizing
  • Patients with special health problems – cleaning, sanitizing or deodorizing
  • Those suffering with unexplained allergy problems at home or office
  • Allergists and other doctors with patients who need our services

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