Commercial, Industrial & Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning, Degreasing & Sanitizing - NJ, NY, PA

Commercial, Industrial & Restaurant Kitchen Cleanup Service - New Jersey, Staten Island, PA 
Heavy-Duty Kitchen Cleaning of Ceilings, Floors, Walls, Ovens, Stoves, Fryers, Grills & Hoods 
Ducts, Vents, Hoods, Equipment Clean Up, Grease Removal &Sanitizing - NJ, Staten Island & PA
Kitchen Hoods, Kitchen Equipment, Walls, Degreasing, Flooring & Grout Cleaning Specialists
Kitchen Surface and Equipment Cleaning To Satisfy Your Health Inspection Compliance Needs

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Commercial Kitchen Or Industrial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial, Restaurant & Tavern Kitchen Cleaning - NJ, Staten Island, NY, PA
Commercial Catering Kitchen Cleaning - Cafeteria Cleanup - #1 Since 1974

If your commercial, industrial, restaurant, bar, or tavern facility requires quick, efficient, and cost-effective heavy-duty kitchen cleaning services, call Gerrus Maintenance Inc. Let us clean your food preparation, serving and dining areas. We use modern equipment and proprietary chemicals to clean and degrease your kitchen equipment, kitchen hood, wall, ceiling, floor and grout surfaces in order to enhance the appearance of your kitchen and cafeteria, enable you to pass your next health inspection, and ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Gerrus Maintenance has been successfully providing industrial and commercial corporate  facility maintenance and cleaning services since 1974 to the business community throughout New Jersey, Staten Island and Pennsylvania. Our finely tuned, engineer-managed, staff will provide your facility, restaurant, tavern or kitchen with amazingly cost effective, trouble-free cleaning and maintenance services. We perform unmatched industrial building cleaning services,  commercial janitorial cleaning programs, kitchen cleaning, or one-time special purpose janitor cleanups.

Don't let dirt or grease accumulate in your exhaust system, hoods, ducts, cooking equipment, kitchen surfaces, and flooring to the detriment of your staff and customers. Our chemical engineer-supervised staff will perform safe and specialized cleaning and degreasing of exhaust systems, ducts, hoods, grease traps, stoves, fryers, ovens, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, floors, and grout lines. We also perform high pressure power washing and steam cleaning to all kitchen surfaces and property. Our services will capture and remove all dirt and grease so that your commercial, industrial, or restaurant kitchen can look clean and aesthetically-pleasing to health inspectors, employees and customers.

Don’t wait for your commercial kitchen to be inspected by the Board of Health or Fire Department. Let us provide your kitchen with the cleaning care it deserves. To maintain a clean and healthy kitchen that runs smoothly and at its utmost potential, call Gerrus Maintenance Inc. for the most cost-effective, prompt, and courteous service you can ask for.

Commercial, Restaurant, Tavern & Industrial Kitchen Cleaning Division

  • Heavy duty cleaning of hoods, stoves, fryers, grills, grease traps, walls, ceilings, floors
  • High pressure washing and steam cleaning
  • Hands-on cleaning for kitchens with no floor drains
  • General cleaning of kitchen, sales and dining areas
  • Health inspection compliance cleaning- pre-inspection cleanup

Our Other Divisions:

Heavy Duty General Cleaning Division

  • Heavy duty general cleaning
  • Contract maintenance programs or one-time services
  • Building cleaning, restoration and preservation
  • Debris removal and trash cleanup with or without dumpster service

Emergency Services and Disaster Restoration Division

  • Flood, wind, fire, smoke, and other remediation and restoration
  • Sewage backup cleaning and disinfecting

Health Hazard Cleanup Division

  • Certified mold remediation, cleaning, removal, neutralization, prevention
  • Sick building syndrome cleaning
  • Health inspection compliance cleaning

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