Concrete Floor Cleaning & Coatings

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Gerrus provides unmatched floor cleaning and coating in New Jersey and our tri-state service area, whether you need concrete floor stripping, floor waxing, floor sealing, concrete treatments, concrete floor coatings or concrete flooring repairs. Our skilled staff offers complete cleaning, restoration and maintenance for other floors, including ceramic tile, quarry tile, granite, stone, marble, vinyl tile, composition tile, laminate, terrazzo, metal, resin and hardwood.

Cleaning And Sealing Services

  • Power scrubbing, walk-behind and rider autoscrubbing
  • Pressure washing, steam cleaning and chemical degreasing
  • Shot-blasting, sanding, power scraping, scarifying and grinding
  • Floor coating and adhesive removal – physical or biodegradable chemical methods
  • Paint, overspray and traffic line removal
  • Acid scrubbing and excess surface grout removal
  • Dust-proofing sealer and penetrant application – acrylics and specialized resins
  • Terrazzo, granite, marble, brick and stone – restoration and coating
  • Computer and clean room dust proofing
  • Environmental encapsulation
  • Post-construction cleanups
  • FDA, OSHA, EPA, USDA, ISRA, IAQA compliance cleaning

Hardening, Densifying and Penetrating Treatments

  • Certified applicators for major manufacturers
  • Silicate Hardeners
  • Siliconate Densifier-Hardeners
  • Diamond Hard specialists
  • Ashford Formula specialists
  • Penetrating resinous sealants


  • Acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes and specialized resins
  • Environmental encapsulation
  • Water and water vapor-resistant coatings
  • Mold and bio-resistant coatings
  • Penetrating sealants and dust-proofers
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant coatings
  • FDA, OSHA, EPA, USDA, ISRA, IAQA compliant coatings

Resurfacing and Repair

  • Crack chasing and repair
  • Joint caulking
  • Epoxy and cementitious resurfacing
  • Safety and slip-resistant coating and profiling

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