NJ Storm, Flood And Water Damage Contamination

Certified Mold And Microbial Health Hazard Removal
Restoration, Remediation, And Prevention In New Jersey

Thousands of houses and businesses in New Jersey and the surrounding areas were hit by flooding in March, 2010. Storm driven winds downed electrical supply lines. Power outages intensified the damage because electrically operated basement sump pumps failed. Widespread water damage became extremely severe and FEMA declared New Jersey a disaster zone. Many thought the worst was over when the flood waters receded, but they later learned that their problems had only just begun.

A huge number of NJ homes and offices sustained extensive water damage, and then began the process of drying out. What many did not know was that moisture removal was only the first step of complete restoration. Rapid forced drying of the affected structural surfaces and contents was essential. Anti-microbial treatments and selective environmental encapsulation were also needed. Partial or total demolition of finished basement surfaces, in an environmentally contained manner under negative air pressure, was required. Failure to act promptly led to increased bacterial contamination and mold growth. Immediate action became necessary to improve indoor air quality and eliminate health hazard exposure.

With the onset of warm and humid weather, a flood damaged house or office can become increasingly vulnerable to mold infestation. Mold that might not be visible could be colonizing and spreading inside walls and ceilings. Eventually, a basement or entire living area may develop a characteristic “musty” odor caused by various mold produced volatile organic compounds (MVOC’s). Mold growth can cause structural damage and can be a very real health hazard in your home or office.  Mold and bacterial contamination can produce significant triggers of asthma, other respiratory ailments, and various systemic diseases. Contamination is an even more serious threat to the elderly, the very young, the pregnant, the asthmatic, and to those with compromised immune systems, so be pro-active and contact our chemical engineer today. Our sanitizing techniques are environmentally friendly. If demolition is required, we will work with barrier containment, HEPA air scrubbing, and under negative air pressure to ensure that we will not cross-contaminate your premises during the job. If your affected area has lead paint, be assured that Gerrus is EPA trained and certified for lead safe RRP operations.

If you are ever affected by flood or by localized water damage, contact Gerrus Maintenance Inc. as soon as possible. We are experts at mold removal, remediation and prevention and have been successfully serving New Jersey and the nearby New York and Pennsylvania communities since 1974. Ask Gerrus to sanitize your home or commercial building and prevent mold growth. If you already have mold growth and bacterial contamination, call us today to prevent further infestation, damage and general health hazards.

Call Gerrus Maintenance Inc. at 732-225-0662 for certified water damage restoration and certified mold removal, remediation and prevention in your flood affected house, office, summer home, warehouse, store, or other workplace. We will remove active mold infestation where it has begun. We will prevent mold development in recently water damaged buildings. Ask our chemical engineer managed staff to help you today .

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