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Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaning & Sanitizing Services For All of NJ, NY, PA
Janitorial, Office, Pharma, Warehouse & Institutional Clean Up, Remediation
Regulatory Cleaning of All Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment & Structure
Industrial & Commercial Cleaning - Restoration - Warehouse & Chemical Plant
Conduits, HVAC Clean Up, Ducts, Vents - Blowdown Or HEPA Vacuuming
Walls, Supports, Ceilings, Tanks, Grease Traps, Industrial Kitchen Cleaning

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If you face industrial cleaning problems anywhere in the tri-state area, you can rely on the experienced chemical engineer-managed team at Gerrus Maintenance Inc. We have been the best industrial cleaning service in New Jersey since our founding in 1974. If you are responsible for commercial cleaning or plant maintenance anywhere in the industrial sections of the tri-state area, you have special, heavy-duty industrial cleaning needs every day. Do you require specialists to assist with industrial restroom cleaning and sanitizing or locker room cleanup? We have experienced industrial kitchen cleaning and break room cleanup experts on our staff. Need help cleaning a pharmaceutical facility? Dealing with the specialty issues of cleaning computer rooms? Need to deal with semiconductor clean room cleaning? Let Gerrus help you with all We specialize in all industrial cleaning services, complete janitorial services or specialties such as HEPA industrial vacuuming, concrete floor sealing or repair, pressure washing, steam cleaning, process equipment degreasing, and regulatory cleaning or sanitizing.

Our chemical engineer-supervised staff will safely clean your dirty or stained floors, walls, and overhead surfaces with modern equipment and proprietary chemicals. Call us for cost-effective, quality-controlled solutions to your industrial cleaning problems.

Industrial Cleaning Services - One-Time Or Contract

  • Industrial equipment cleaning and degreasing
  • Complete high speed blowdown of all surfaces and equipment
  • Ceiling, pipe, conduit, support cleaning, wall cleaning
  • HEPA vacuuming, heavy duty vacuuming
  • Concrete floor cleaning, sealing, coating, hardening treatments and repairs
  • High pressure washing, steam cleaning
  • Solvent extraction and encapsulation services

Commercial Janitorial Services - One-Time Or Contract

  • Contract maintenance programs or one-time services
  • Heavy duty general cleaning of offices, warehouse and plants
  • Commercial, office, industrial, warehouse, and multi-tenant cleaning
  • Building cleaning, restoration and preservation
  • Hard surface floors: scrubbing, stripping, waxing, spray buffing and high speed burnishing
  • Industrial kitchen cleaning and breakroom sanitizing
  • Restroom sanitizing and locker room cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing, deep extraction and low moisture bonnet cleaning
  • Furniture, wall, and acoustic partition cleaning
  • Debris and trash cleanup

Health Hazard and Disaster Restoration

  • Fire, smoke and odor damage restoration and remediation
  • ACAC-certified mold and microbial remediation, removal and prevention
  • IICRC-certified water, flood, and sewage backup cleaning, sanitizing and deodorization

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Case Study: From Perfume to Pharmaceuticals

Using proprietary methods that can remove and deodorize contaminants, Gerrus eliminated persistent perfume odors in a facility where perfume oils had been manufactured, stored, formulated, blended, and accidentally spilled repeatedly. After we completed our process, new occupants were able to set up a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in the building.