Janitor Service

Our versatile, finely tuned, engineer managed janitorial divisions provide various office cleaning services, porter and matron programs, commercial cleaning services, and specialized industrial cleaning services to offices, pharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail establishments, educational, financial, and general corporate buildings. Our various janitor service divisions offer a complete range of specialties and maintenance programs that can accomplish a one-time cleanup or ongoing “loving care” of your building.

Our janitorial office cleaning division will keep your building looking its best at an amazingly low cost by providing evening or daytime cleaning services. Our part-time or full-time porters and matrons offer detailed cleaning, coffee service, and personalized staff assistance at any level. Our floor care technicians will wax your vinyl flooring, acid scrub your ceramic tile, and shampoo your carpeting. We also have handymen and utility technicians on our staff to provide convenient light bulb changing, simple furniture rearrangement or assembly, and post-construction cleanups.

Our specialized industrial divisions provide such services as concrete floor auto-scrubbing and sealing, structural HEPA vacuuming and pressure washing, chemical and ink removal, machinery degreasing, odor removal, sick building sanitizing, industrial allergen neutralization and removal, and mold remediation. Our licensed operating engineers will maintain your boilers or chiller systems. If your building, of any type, is dirty or has a special need, call us to clean, maintain, sanitize, or remediate it.

Gerrus Maintenance Inc. is New Jersey’s #1 versatile janitorial service and industrial cleaning provider, and we have been for four decades. Visit our New Jersey Cleaning Service Areas page to see our huge service area. We service your area from Atlantic County to Warren County, NJ.

We will provide cleaning service at any frequency that you require – days, nights, weekdays, or weekends. With four decades of family-owned pride and engineer-managed experience behind us, you will find no company as professionally managed, customer service-oriented, employee trained, and dedicated than Gerrus Maintenance Inc.

Contact Gerrus today for a free quote. Our efficient, motivated staff will use highly cost effective cleaning methods to have your office looking spotless in no time.

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