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Since 1974, the comprehensive service divisions of Gerrus Maintenance Inc. have provided professional cleaning, sanitizing, remediation, and building maintenance for office, commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Our professional staff, which is managed by a chemical engineer, provides detailed, quality-controlled services to all of our clients.

Our Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Service Divisions

Our three commercial Janitorial Service, Industrial Cleaning, and Concrete Floor Cleaning & Coatings divisions provide customized scheduled contract maintenance or one-time cleaning for offices, pharmaceuticals, medical facilities, warehouses, industrial and manufacturing plants, schools, sales showrooms, and other types of NJ real estate.

Our House Cleaning & Specialized Residential Cleaning Service Divisions

Our Residential Cleaning Services division provides one-time, total, detailed, heavy duty housecleaning. In addition to our house cleaning teams, we also have a sensitive, understanding staff of specialists who provide safe, comprehensive special needs cleanup and sanitizing, for the home or apartment, to those affected by hoarding syndrome or senior squalor disorder. Since we’ve seen such a wide range of cleaning problems, you can be confident that we will solve yours!

Our Remediation & Disaster Restoration Cleaning Service Divisions

Our four Mold Remediation, Flood & Fire Disaster Restoration, Odor Removal, and Indoor Allergen Removal divisions provide health hazard cleaning, remediation, restoration, allergy relief, odor control, and indoor air quality testing and improvement, for the home and workplace.

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Case Study: Fix a floor, avoid a lawsuit

A large industrial developer called us with a frantic plea: the concrete floors of a newly-constructed, 250,000 square foot, custom-designed building had mysteriously turned red. The future Fortune 100 tenant threatened to cancel its lease and sue for time-delay damages. We discovered that the contractor had coated the concrete floors with a clear acrylic sealant after workers tracked in red clay from the surrounding construction site. We removed the coating without damaging the floors, cleaned off the red residue, and recoated the flooring. The builder was thrilled, the tenant was happy, and the developer avoided a multi-million dollar lawsuit.