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Mold Removal in New Jersey, Certified Mold Remediation in NJ

Are you selling an old house or buying a new home? Is a family member experiencing a health problem in your current residence? You can save time and money by getting your own mold evaluation prior to the buyer’s engineering and mold inspection. Gerrus can help you find out if there are air quality or health hazard issues with the investment you are about to make. Gerrus specializes and is the New Jersey area leader in certified mold remediation and elimination of Alternaria, Aspergillus, Epicoccum, Cladosporium, Penicillium, Rhizopus, Stachybotrys Helminthosporium, Fusarium, Mucor, and Aureobasidium (Pullularia) as well as some more common allergen and health hazard culprits. Since 1974, we have been providing cost-effective solutions to odor, microbial, allergen, chemical, biohazard, poor air quality, and other health hazard problems in the home or workplace. Gerrus’ chemical engineer-managed staff members are experts in certified mold & mildew removal, remediation, and prevention in any house, apartment, office, condominium or commercial building. Our approach is to eliminate the risks associated with mold (mould) and mildew growth; cat, dog, or other pet contamination; biological or chemical odor; rodent or other animal dander; cockroach or dust mite dander; all other indoor allergens; flood damage; sewage backup; hoarding syndrome; and microbial contamination. We can also decontaminate and remove animal, chemical and biological-sourced odors, including skunk odor. These dangers could greatly reduce your comfort and safety at home or office, decrease the sale value of your property, or prevent safe and comfortable occupancy.

Mold is not something you want growing in your home or office. Mold is frequently caused by some type of excess moisture. Take steps to avoid undiscovered flooding and other mold-nurturing, high-humidity conditions that favor mold growth in your home or office. It can be unhealthy, unsightly, have a bad smell, and cause great damage to your house, office or commercial building. If you have mold growing in your residence or workplace, you need to call us today! Our chemical engineer managed staff has been serving New Jersey, Staten Island, NY and Northeastern Pennsylvania for over four decades.

Mold can be hazardous to your health. Certain types of mold can produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), eye and other physical irritants, unhealthy VOC’s, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins). Stachybotrys (“black mold,” “toxic mold” or Stachybotrys atra or Stachybotrys alternans or Stachybotrus chartarum), and Penicillium, are two of the more common mold allergens.

Gerrus Maintenance Inc. has the expertise to affordably provide for your health hazard cleaning needs. Call us to sanitize and clean neglected homes, conduct biological cleanups, or address your commercial compliance cleaning needs. Whether it’s residential or commercial mold remediation, infection control, or sick building syndrome elimination, Gerrus can solve your problem!

Certified Mold Remediation, Mold Removal & Total Overall Decontamination

  • Total heavy-duty, detailed overall cleaning
  • Pre and post occupancy cleanup of any residence
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing
  • Residential cleaning, restoration and preservation
  • Carpet shampooing & sanitizing
  • Window & mirror cleaning
  • Light fixture washing
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Ceiling, wall, baseboard, and sill cleaning
  • Odor from mold, mildew, sewage, and flood damage eliminated at the source
  • Mess, debris, trash, waste, pet droppings, animal damage, hoarding, squalor cleanup
  • Geriatric and special needs experts on staff who will clean, toss out, sanitize or organize

Health Hazard Cleanups

  • ACAC-certified microbial remediation and anti-microbial sanitizing
  • Mold remediation certification by the American Council For Accredited Certification (ACAC)
  • ACAC-certified mold cleaning, neutralization, encapsulation and prevention
  • IICRC-certified water damage remediation
  • Member of the Indoor Air Quality Association
  • Solve all mold and mildew problems cost effectively
  • Clean, dry and sanitize flooded premises
  • Kill, remove, prevent mold with environmentally sensible products
  • Apply mold retarding treatments, coatings and encapsulants
  • Mold removal from carpets, walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces
  • Musty, moldy smell removal from all affected areas through deodorization at the source
  • Certified residential mold remediation in basements, crawl spaces, attics and living spaces
  • Certified commercial mold remediation in offices, warehouses, schools, factories, and terminals
  • Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL)
  • EPA Certification number is NAT-43984-1

Microbial and other Health Hazard Cleanups

  • Mold and other indoor allergen cleaning, removal, and remediation
  • Total one-time, heavy duty, detailed overall residential or commercial cleanups
  • Sick building syndrome cleaning
  • Pet odor and pet residue cleaning and disinfecting
  • Nicotine removal and smoking odor neutralization
  • Geriatric, handicapped and special needs cleaning
  • Hoarding syndrome cleaning
  • Senior squalor disorder cleaning
  • Death and trauma scene cleanups
  • HEPA vacuuming, HEPA air scrubbing and contamination control
  • Deodorization and odor source neutralization for house or office

Disaster Emergency Restoration and Remediation

  • Water, Storm, Flood, fire, wind, vandalism, sewage backup cleaning, sanitizing, remediation and restoration

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Case Study: Hazardous Clean-up Saves Homes

We often rescue houses just before the health department is ready to order demolition. In many cases, residents' mental or physical conditions have prevented them from cleaning their homes for years. We may find carcasses of long-departed pets, pest infestations, or six-foot stacks of trash throughout the entire house, garage, basement, and attic. Sometimes plumbing hasn't worked for years, so people have accumulated bodily wastes in indoor piles. We work these jobsites with full protective gear and respiratory protection.