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Every office, warehouse, manufacturing, retail, and professional facility needs to look clean. In a competitive business climate, it is important to present the proper image to your clients, critical vendors, VIP visitors, potential customers, and valued employees. It is good business practice to have an office facility with clean private offices and common office areas, sanitary restrooms, well maintained flooring, shampooed carpeting, a sanitized lunch area, and an inviting visitors’ lobby. Gerrus Maintenance Inc., with four decades of proven office cleaning service to the New Jersey business community, can provide your single purpose or multi-tenant building with a surprisingly cost effective, trouble-free, office cleaning, or commercial janitorial service.

Gerrus Maintenance Inc. is New Jersey’s #1 office cleaning service provider and has been for four decades. Visit our New Jersey Cleaning Service Areas. We provide service all over New Jersey, from Atlantic County to Warren County, NJ. We clean all kinds of offices, medical, pharmaceutical, warehouse, commercial, industrial and other corporate facilities, large or small. We can clean your building one-time as a special janitorial project, or we can provide a repetitive cleaning service program with any frequency that you require – days, nights, weekdays, or weekends. Gerrus can also provide full-time porters, matrons and industrial janitors.

With four decades of family-owned pride and engineer-managed experience behind us, you will find no company as professionally managed, customer service-oriented, employee-trained, or dedicated as Gerrus Maintenance Inc.

Contact Gerrus today for a free quote. Our efficient, motivated staff will use highly cost effective cleaning methods to have your office looking spotless in no time.

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