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Health Hazard Treatments, Biohazard Cleaning, Mold & Odor Removal - NJ, NY, PA
Emergency & Disaster Restoration, Flood Damage, Fire Damage - Mold Remediation
1-Time Housecleaning Services - All Living Areas, Basement, Garage, Storage
Cigarette & Cigar Smoke Cleaning - Pet Damage - Urine & Feces Cleanup & Deodorizing
Cigarette Smoke, Nicotine, Tobacco Smoke Odor Removal, Deodorization & Elimination
Heavy Duty Neglected House Cleaning & Hoarding Cleaning Specialists On Staff

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Gerrus Maintenance Inc. provides one-time heavy duty residential cleaning services beyond the scope of routine daily care. If your busy schedule doesn’t permit complete housecleaning every spring, call our dedicated teams to clean or sanitize your home. If you are helping someone who has not been able to keep up appearances because of specialized, geriatric or handicapped housecleaning needs, call Gerrus Maintenance Inc.. We also handle estate liquidation, eviction, foreclosure, filthy house and other clean-out situations, such as pre- and post-sale or lease. Our staff also includes specialists who can discreetly and efficiently serve neglected homes and residences occupied by those with compulsive hoarding and littering syndrome, senior squalor syndrome, and other disorders that may severely limit adequate household cleaning and sanitation.

Heavy Duty One-Time Detailed House Cleaning

  • Total heavy duty, overall cleaning, sanitizing or deodorization
  • Hard surface floor scrubbing, stripping and waxing
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Furniture, wall and light fixture cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning and degreasing
  • Bathroom cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing
  • Basement, attic and garage cleaning
  • Debris and trash cleanup with or without dumpster service
  • Odor removal and sanitizing

Health Hazard Cleanups - Mold Removal - Certified Mold Remediation

  • Heavy duty "spring cleaning" of all surfaces and furniture
  • ACAC-certified mold and microbial remediation, cleaning, removal, neutralization, encapsulation and prevention
  • Nicotine stain removal
  • Allergen cleaning, removal and remediation
  • Death, illness and trauma scene cleanups
  • HEPA vacuuming and HEPA air scrubbing
  • Sick building syndrome cleaning
  • Compulsive hoarding and cluttering syndrome -- sanitizing, deodorization and cleanup
  • Senior squalor disorder cleaning – sanitizing, deodorization and cleaning

Odor Neutralization - Odor Removal At The Source

  • Dead body odor removal and sanitizing
  • Pet, smoke, and musty basement odors removed
  • Fire, sewage, chemical and bio-odors neutralized and encapsulated
  • Enzyme and bio treatments
  • Bacterial odor source disinfecting
  • Electric fogging
  • Allergen Removal From Houses Or Apartments

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