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Gerrus offers the best heavy-duty one-time or repetitive restroom clean up service in New Jersey, Staten Island, NY and Pennsylvania. Since 1974, we have been providing the best professional, experienced, cost-effective bathroom cleanup, lavatory cleaning and complete janitorial services. We clean and sanitize restrooms, locker rooms and breakrooms in all types of industrial buildings, from warehouses to offices to manufacturing plants, to pharmaceutical facilities. Gerrus provides one-time or repeat janitorial services to meet every industry’s needs. Our experienced chemical engineer-managed staff offers technological expertise and unmatched quality control, no matter how difficult your requirements.

Restroom Cleaning, Lavatory Cleanup, Sanitizing & Deodorizing Services

  • Total office, commercial & industrial restroom cleaning service
  • Complete office, commercial & industrial restroom sanitizing services
  • Professional bathroom cleaning and sanitizing programs
  • FDA approved sanitizing chemicals utilized in our services
  • Environmentally responsible & safe products used at all times
  • Toilet seats and toilet bowls completely cleaned, sanitized and deodorized
  • Urinals completely cleaned, sanitized and deodorized
  • Toilet partitions cleaned and sanitized
  • Restroom & shower walls completely cleaned and sanitized
  • Rest room & shower floor cleaning and sanitizing by modern methods
  • Restroom & shower room floor, wall & grout acid scrubbing and sanitizing
  • Rest room & shower room floor drain deodorizing
  • Lockers completely cleaned, sanitized and deodorized
  • Break rooms completely cleaned, sanitized and deodorized
  • Stainless steel cleaning, sanitizing and polishing
  • Bathroom mirror cleaning

Complete Bathroom Sanitary Supplies, Dispensers & Receptacles

  • Toilet Tissue - all types
  • Toilet seat covers - disposable
  • Hand soap and sanitizers - bulk or cartridges
  • C-fold paper towels
  • Multi-fold paper towels
  • Single-fold paper towels
  • Commercial roll paper towels
  • Plastic trash liners
  • Feminine personal products
  • Dispensers for all sanitary supplies and personal products
  • Waste receptacles for all trash

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