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Senior squalor syndrome, also known as senile squalor disorder, Plyushkin’s syndrome, or Havisham syndrome, may have one more of the following characteristics -- neglect of one’s body, squalid living conditions, social withdrawal, generalized apathy, or the tendency to hoard useless items of trash and junk. The description usually applies to the condition of affected senior citizens, but this disorder can be found in younger people.

If your friend or loved one is not living in a clean, safe, sanitary, orderly condition, or if you are a social worker offering living assistance, let Gerrus Maintenance Inc. give you a helping hand by providing specialized, custom, extra heavy-duty cleanup services. Call upon the experienced, sensitive, capable, trained personnel of Gerrus Maintenance Inc. for help. Our chemical engineer-managed staff will efficiently discard the trash, and then discreetly clean, sanitize, and deodorize the affected residence in short order. Since 1974, Gerrus has performed numerous discreet, extra heavy-duty cleanups for those with special needs, such as those with senile squalor disorder (Plyushkin’s syndrome or Havisham’s syndrome) or compulsive hoarding and cluttering syndrome (Diogenes syndrome or hoarding disorder). We serve all of New Jersey, Staten Island New York, and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

  • Specialized, heavy-duty decluttering and cleanup for your house or apartment
  • Clutter, junk and trash removal with or without dumpster service
  • Partial or total residence clean out
  • Urine, feces, waste, odor removal
  • Bathroom disinfecting, cleaning and deodorizing
  • Kitchen sanitizing and cleaning
  • Indoor allergen neutralization and removal
  • Full contact sanitizing and fog disinfecting services
  • Deodorization by eliminating odor at the source
  • Organization, separation, and throw-out help
  • Air quality improvement
  • Health hazard elimination
  • Organizing aid, assistance and support for families
  • Help for social workers, estate administrators and executors
  • ACAC-certified microbial and mold remediation
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) RRP-certified firm

Whenever you need help, call Gerrus Maintenance Inc. at 732-225-0662 or Request A Quote.

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Case Study: Hazardous Clean-up Saves Homes

We often rescue houses just before the health department is ready to order demolition. In many cases, residents' mental or physical conditions have prevented them from cleaning their homes for years. We may find carcasses of long-departed pets, pest infestations, or six-foot stacks of trash throughout the entire house, garage, basement, and attic. Sometimes plumbing hasn't worked for years, so people have accumulated bodily wastes in indoor piles. We work these jobsites with full protective gear and respiratory protection.